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Is Edapt a legitimate company?

Edapt USA has received over 526 POSITIVE REVIEWS on, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 4.8 Rating on Google Reviews. We give 100%

Who is Edapt? Edapt BBB rating

What Do We Do? Why Hire Edapt?

Is Edapt a Scam? What Help is Available?

Who is Edapt?

Edapt is a legitimate company. We have specialized in assisting our clients to complete academic applications for many years. Our experts stay up to date with all student loan repayment programs and benefits offered by the Department of Education so we can help them find the right repayment plan for them and their family.

The statistics of borrowers who have historically received forgiveness for their loans have historically been less than 2%. The Department of Education and governing body have done their best to attempt to resolve this dilemma, but we do not want our clients to become part of these statistics. And we know how to help avoid the pitfalls that unfortunately many borrowers have fallen victim to.

What Do We Do?

We have spent years putting together the best team in the industry. We are confident that our collective knowledge of student loan repayment options is far superior to other companies. We are well aware of the less than ethical companies in this industry that are in fact, scams.

Because our passion comes from the thanks we receive, day in and day out, from our valued clients and their families for how we have assisted and given them a path to a brighter, less stressful future.

Hearing success stories from student loan borrowers across all age groups and demographics drives us to be the best.

Most student loan borrowers that contact us feel overwhelmed by their student loans and have no idea where to turn. We find that many do not even know their student loan balance or whether or not they are in default. This lack of information has led to the largest default rates in our nation’s history. You shouldn't have to fear your student loan, and even if we can't assist you, we will at least make sure you are well informed regarding your loans and your available options.

Is Edapt USA a Scam?

As with any business, there are clients that have been unsatisfied with our service. Let's face it, miscommunications occasionally happen. Disneyland is supposed to be the happiest place on earth- but Even Mickey Mouse receives complaints!

Although there have been unhappy clients that have described our service or team as “scammers” or “crooks”, we pride ourselves on addressing every unhappy member and making things right. Sometimes it’s a simple miscommunication or misunderstanding of our services and sometimes it is us having to explain that there are certain situations we are unable to assist. Edapt USA is a legitimate company, and our main point is that we give 100% effort to do things legally and ethically in accordance with the law. Whether you choose to hire us or not, after a consultation with our experts you will be well informed regarding your loans and your available options.

Edapt Better Business Bureau rating

Although we do have the occasional unhappy camper, we address every instance to rectify the issue- and they are few and far between.

Which is why we have over 526 POSITIVE REVIEWS on, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 4.8 Rating on Google Reviews.

Why Hire Edapt?

We take student loan repayment seriously. We have seen alarming rates in borrowers having issues with repayment: • Student loan default exceeds 40% and is rapidly growing. • More than 80% of student loan borrowers don’t know their interest rate • Only 1 in 10 student loan borrowers are aware of their repayment options.

We aim to change these statistics and put the power back into the hands of the borrowers. Predatory student loan services have been taking advantage of these uninformed borrowers for too long. The Department of Education is introducing new programs designed to assist during these challenging times. While we are not a federal servicer and are not associated with Ed Dept, we are committed to helping guide our clients to select repayment programs that fit their current financial situation and future goals.

What Help is Available?

At least one income-driven repayment plan is available for most federal student loans. Monthly payments could be as low as $0/mth depending on income. Each student borrower’s payment is set at an amount that is supposed to be affordable based on salary and family size in income-driven repayment plans. Borrowers are required to complete a recertification application annually if they wish to repay their federal student loans using an income-driven repayment plan, and we can assist with staying enrolled and compliant so they can successfully apply for discharge at the end of their program if they choose to pursue cancellation, such as the PSLF Limited Waiver.

If you would like to hear more about Edapt USA services and the legitimate assistance we provide to our thousands of clients, get started now and take CONTROL of your student loan debt.

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