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We Work Hard to Give You Peace of Mind

Making education affordable for American youths.

We work hard to give you peace of mind

Best Specialists

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  • We have spent years putting together the best team in the industry. We are confident that our collective knowledge of student loan repayment options is far superior to other companies.  

  • Because our passion comes from the thanks we receive, day in and day out, from our valued clients and their families of how we have assisted and given them a path to a brighter, less stressful future.  

  • Hearing success stories from student loan borrowers across all age groups and demographics drives us to be the best. 

  • Most student loan borrowers that contact us feel overwhelmed by their student loans and have one idea where to turn. We find that many do not even know their student loan balance or whether or not they are in default. This lack of information has lead to the largest default rates in our nation’s history. You shouldn't have to fear your student loan, and even if we can't assist you, we will at least make sure you are well informed regarding your loans and your available options. 

You can trust us

We care. Many people we speak to have lost a lot of trust in the "system", and are living in fear of their student loans. Fear no more, we are here to help.

Our company

We have been specializing in academic application assistance for many years. We can help you find the right repayment plan for you and your family.

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No Excessive or Hidden Fees

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All of the other guys charge you up front fees of $1000 – $2000. Here at Edapt USA, we get your loans consolidated and lower your monthly payments first before anything else.

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Who We Are

Why Choose EDAPT?

We take student loans seriously. We have seen alarming rates in borrowers having issues with repayment:
      • Student loan default exceeds 40% and is rapidly growing.
      • More than 80% of student loan borrowers don’t know their interest rate
      • Only 1 in 10 student loan borrowers are aware of their repayment options.
We aim to change these statistics and put the power back into the hands of the borrowers. Predatory student loan servicers have been taking advantage of these uninformed borrowers for too long. The Department of Education is introducing new programs designed to assist during these challenging times. Get started now and take CONTROL of your student loan debt!

We Work Hard to Give You Peace of Mind

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Bad Credit, Not A Problem!

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No Excessive or

Hidden Fees

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